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EMT and ICU Techniques for practical Nurses

Date: May - June 2013
Status: Presented
Capacity: Practical Nurses Candidates Only
Location: St Joseph Hospital – Dora

The NSEC is pleased to announce a 4-day course on

ICU and Emergency Medicine Techniques

For Practical Nurses

Cours spécial pour Aides-Soignants(es)


          These courses are relevant for practical nurses working in ED / ICU department or in a pre-hospital setting
           (ambulances, Primary Health Care centers, etc.).


           They allow obtaining two “Certificates of specialization” accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education on:

  • Emergency Medicine techniques: تقنيات طب الطوارئ    
  • ICU techniques:                            تقنيات طب الانعاش

Dates:    May – June TBA.                                Location: St Joseph Hospital - Dora


Language: Didactic material in English or French, presentation in Arabic.



Programme overview (9-16h)

Day 1



Triage, Scores and Scales used in the ED and ICU

Polytrauma management: ABCDE approach: how to assess a patient in ED/ICU

Cardiac arrest: BLS new recommendations

Complementary exams: EKG, ABGs, CT, XR, US, Blood tests, etc : Why, when and  how

Day 2



Basic Airway management, Principles of Non Invasive Ventilation

Orientation and Management in case of: 

Shock states / Respiratory distress / Chest pain, Abdominal pain / Decrease level of conscience and stroke



Open wounds care, Post operative care in the ICU

Pediatric Emergencies

Circumstantial pathologies: Burns, drowning, snack bites, etc.

How to communicate with patients and families

Stress management

Courses’ fee:     200 USD including coffee / lunch breaks

Registration’ fee (MHE certification): 30 USD



Download the course summary as PDF in French here

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