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Med Emergency, the Mediterranean Journal of Emergency Medicine, is a new publication that is being published in Lebanon and distributed in the Mediterranean and the Arab countries. It is one of New Health Concept’s (NHC) main projects to support healthcare professionals improve the quality of care they deliver. In contributing to these efforts, the idea and concept of Med Emergency were born as one way to raise the interest of the health sector in emergency medicine to become a platform for disseminating international scientific findings, information and research about emergency medicine and for discussing issues that have policy implications in the region.

The journal seeks the contribution of professional medical and health practitioners as well as health policy actors and decision makers so as to reflect the development of the emergency field worldwide. It covers topics from prevention and care to the organization, governance, policy and politics of emergency medicine and health.

The journal also seeks to be a significant reference for medical students and registered nurses and a resource for healthcare professionals’ continuing education. The journal accepts submitted articles in English and French, to ensure it caters to the diverse professional community. At the time being, it is being published on an annual basis with articles featuring as “online first publications”.

Besides its educational, advocacy and communication roles, Med Emergency can be a good source of publicity for major health and medical service providers, medical and health suppliers as well as institutions and companies that have an interest in promoting their products among a professional community and a budding student clientele.

The journal reaches in its distribution the relevant international organizations such as the WHO, professional and scientific societies such as IFEC, ACEP, EuSEM, ACEM, PanArab TEMS, etc. such as SFMU (French Society for Emergency Medicine) and EuSEM (European Society for Emergency Medicine).

We hope that this initiative will contribute to the growth and quality emergency health and medicine in the MENA region and all over the world, and will be a platform for practitioners and policy makers to disseminate their opinions and research findings pertaining to this field and a prominent resource to medical students, registered nurses and allied health professionals for their continuous professional development.

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Mediterranean Journal of Emergency Medicine

Publication of the Lebanese Resuscitation Council

By New Health Concept

P.O.Box 90.815 Jdeideh - Lebanon

Tel: 00961.1.888921 Fax: 00.961.1.888922




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